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The issue of plastics littering our oceans and soil infuriates us. The issue can easily be solved by allowing for hemp based plastics to be produced. Another solution is PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) Bio-Plastic, we believe this is the future, if only governments started taking action. in 2016 we worked with a Dutch/Thai company named Total Corbion to try and produce our own PLA plastic straws. It proved beyond our ability to succeed, as it requires full commitment. We sincerely hope to inspire someone reading this to pick up where we left off and bring a whole range of PLA straws and packaging products to market... We will be pleased to be your first customer.

Take Away Packaging

We do our best to minimize use of plastics in our takeaway packaging by sticking with paper and tinfoil as much as possible. We are constantly looking for better purely bio-friendly packaging. If you have a idea for a more eco-friendly packaging container in any of our take-away items, and can point us to a source where we can purchase it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plastic Bottled Water

While selling plastic bottled water is a quick easy way for a restaurant to make money, we are more concerned with the oceans and don't want to see that plastic end up there, so we provide free water in glass jugs which we get from Phuket IKEA. The water is filtered and purified and safe for drinking. That said, we do have plastic bottled water available to those that demand it, and we recycle the empty plastic bottle afterward.

Plastic Microfiber Clothing

Our staff uniform shirts are pure cotton, and we teach all staff to stay away from clothes that contain plastic micro-fibers as much as possible. Of course, we cannot demand it.


We recycle all our waste products and plastics. As an FYI, Phuket set up recycling bins at the base of most piers leading out to sea. While these are specifically designed to prevent people from throwing waste into the sea, they are open for anyone to use and properly discard of waste.