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Health & Safety

About us at Sala Mexicali

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our food, drink and premises. Here is what we do to ensure maximum health and safety of our guests as well as staff.

Certification for Food Safety and Hygiene

All of our chefs and cooks have passed a mandatory training in Phuket Town on food safety and hygiene. They have all been through an all day training course and passed the written exam at the end. Only well established restaurants in Phuket (approximately 10%) were called in for this mandatory training. Our staff passed on the first round of the exam.

Staff Health

Our cooks have health checks each year. If any of our staff is not feeling well, even the slightest bit, we encourage them to stay home on paid leave until they are better. We provide full paid time off for anyone not feeling well and pay their doctor visits and medicine. We are adamant about staff not coming in sick and getting other staff or guests sick, and create an environment where they never feel obligated to come into work if not feeling well.

Our Water

The water we serve is filtered and purified for drinking. We regularly clear the glass bottles and treat both the bottles and water with UV lighting. The water is very high in PH, having a factor of around 8.5 to 9, making it extremly alkaline. All staff drink this water and we use it for soups and to wash fruits and vegatables.

(Very clean with high PH alkalinity and no trace plastic micro-particle pollutants.)

Fruits and Vegetables Bath

We buy organic non-GMO fresh local produce as much as we possibly can source. All fruits and vegetables are given a several minute water bath soaking in vinegar, baking soda and clean water, then rinsed and chilled. Vinegar and Baking soda baths have proven to be very effective of removing any potential pesticide residue.

Safe Soap and Rinsing

Yes, certain dishwashing soaps are toxic, and not properly rinsing glasses and dishes is suspected to cause cancer. Our staff is well aware of this and when we clean utensils, glasses and dishes, you can assure we clean it properly and do not leave behind any soap residue, also we use a safe dishwashing soap. The key ingredients to be aware of and which are deemed harmful are ammonium sulfate, sodium laurel sulphate (SLS), Triclosan (also found in some toothpastes), sulphuric acid, fragrances and formaldehyde. We do not use any cleaning product containing these.

No GMO's, Chemicals, Additives, Perservatives

We do not use Monsanto products... with the exception of selling coca-cola and providing ketchup on the table. We are adamantly against GMO's. We are adamantly against chemical additives, coloring and flavor enhancers. We are against excitotoxins, MSG and preservatives.

Pest Control

Rats and mosquitoes are a huge problem everywhere, Our kitchen surface areas are covered up at night, all utensils, dishes and food items sealed and stored. But we clean all surfaces each new day as though it wasn't covered.